I have been teaching golf for 14 years and The Gimmee is the best putting device I have ever used. My students start seeing their own faults immediately, which makes teaching easy.
This device takes a little time to master, but you will definitely see an improvement with your putting after just a few sessions with The Gimmee.
I highly recommend this product to any serious golfer. You will not be disappointed !
I really can’t describe just how much The Gimmee has improved my putting. It has literally transformed my short game. I have struggled on the greens for longer than I care to remember; have a basement full of putters; and had more putting lessons than a tour pro. But now, finally, I can putt ! Thanks
Kay LaFoy , New York
The Gimmee is, quite simply, the best training aid I have ever used. It is brilliant – and so easy to use. It took just a few minutes to fix my putting. Before I used it, I had no idea that I was moving my head so much or breaking my wrists.What a difference it made ! Great product.
Newton Ancarrow, Richmond, VA.
I bought a Gimmee some months ago and it is amazing how quickly and easily it transformed my putting – with no real conscious effort. My stroke and contact have improved dramatically. I didn’t realize I that I lifted my putter so much on my back-swing, or that I moved so much during the putt. I am now staying really still during and after the a putt, and it is working like a dream. My stroke now seems to just happens sub-consciously.
It definitely works ! Well done. And thanks.
Andrew Neil, Melbourne, Australia
Absolutely fantastic item. I couldn’t believe how quickly it improved my putting. Delivery was super quick and the seller was second to none. Personal service with real attention to specific requirements. Highly, highly recommended ! !
Shona McVey, Strathclyde, Scotland


Poor Putting Is Not Funny !

Statistically, amateur golfers miss 3.2 billion short putts each year. Almost all of them are caused by one particular fault. And until that fault is corrected, it is simply not possible to putt consistently well. If you putt poorly – you’re guilty of it. Definitely !


And These Aren’t The Problem . .

So they can’t really be the solution. No question that when(if) you find a putter that is a perfect fit for you, it will help you become better – for a while. But it can’t help you become good. That takes good technique. Nothing else works in the long term.


But Help Is At Hand.

Not only does the Gimmee teach all of the universally-accepted principles of the putting; it eliminates golf’s ‘killer’ fault. All without a single, technical instruction. Now practice will make perfect – and permanent. Which is the whole point of practice.

How To Become A Good Putter.

      • You should set up with your eyes directly over the ball-target line.
      • You must aim the club-face exactly square to the target line.
      • You must swing the club on the correct plane and path through impact.
      • You must accelerate the club through the ball.
      • You should minimize the use of the smaller muscles of the hands and wrists.
      • You absolutely must not move your head throughout the entire stroke.
Putting is the one area of the game at which all of us are physically capable of dramatic improvement.
But any such improvement will only result from improved technique.
Golf is no different than any other sport in that if one fails to master the fundamentals there is little hope of success. Good technique saves shots. Period.
But the best you can hope for, from even the most expensive putters on the market, is to become better. They will never make you good. They can’t. They’re just inanimate objects.
And not one of them can fix the most destructive fault in putting - head movement.

Since even the slightest movement of the head will effect the outcome of a putt, it is essential to learn to stay absolutely still through the stroke until the ball is long gone..

What you must do is keep your head still. But you can’t, if you don’t even know it’s happening. Which accounts for the 3.5 billion sort putts missed every year !

To improve at putting there is little (no) option but to develop and adhere to the universally accepted fundamentals of putting – the primary one being the elimination of head movement.
It would be fair to say that the vast majority of amateur golfers would conform to hardly any of the fundamentals or, at best, would be guilty of at least one of the cardinal ‘sins’.
Since a lot of amateur would have neither the time, nor the inclination, to get a putting lesson from a competent professional, we came up with an alternative solution.
One that is simple to use and that simplifies what should be the simplest part of the game.
And one that, critically, does not require any conscious learning of the more arcane, technical aspects of the stroke.

If you ever hope to become a good putter, you really have only one option. And that is to learn and practice the fundamentals and totally eliminate head movement. That’s it !
How you achieve this is really of no consequence. But if you are practicing an already flawed technique, then you are only making matters worse.
In which case, the best advice is : ‘stop !’
But it needn’t be like that. Not any more.
The Gimmee teaches all of the fundamentals and eliminates golf’s killer disease – head-movement. All without a single technical instruction.
We can always find reasons for bad putting. But now there’s no longer any excuse.
You can be a really good putter. It’s incredibly simple. But it’s entirely up to you.
So why not do it. With our money-back guarantee, you can lose nothing except shots off your score !

So just how critical is it to eliminate head-movement ?

Jack Nicklaus

Arguably the greatest player in the history of golf and one of the greatest putters of all time, Jack Nicklaus is absolutely unequivocal about how crucial it is to keep your head still.

  • Probably the premier technical cause of missed putts – especially short putts – is head movement.

. . . . from his book ‘Golf My Way

Gary Player

  • “Good putters keep the body still during the stroke. Bad putters tend to sway toward the hole just before the ball is struck.
  • There is one point in common among virtually all good putters: they stand with their eyes directly over the ball.
  • Nearly all good putters keep the clubhead low to the ground on the backswing

. . . .from his book ‘Positive Golf

Tiger Woods

  • Every good putter keeps the head absolutely still from start to finish.
    Every bad putter I know moves the head to some degree.
  • If I move my head even a fraction, it’s almost impossible to keep my putting path stable and true.
  • I practice keeping my head dead still until well after the ball is gone’.

. . in … ‘How I Play Golf‘:

What The Pros Think about The Gimmee.

At a Champions Tour event, we asked some of the players to try out The Gimmee.

We believed that, with a lifetime on tour, these guys would not be easily impressed.

But, to be honest, we weren’t really surprised at their reaction. We already knew how good it was. But it’s nice to be told :-)

(Our apologies for the poor quality audio in parts of the clip. We hope to have it rectified soon)

This Christmas, give your favourite golfer a gift that will last a lifetime ? Quite simply, it’s a ‘must-have‘ for any golfer.

It’s the only putting trainer on the market that eliminates the most destructive fault in golf.

And . . if you can find a golf gift with better independent reviews . . we’ll give you one of ours – Free !

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