The Ideal Golf Gift for the Ideal Golfer

Looking For A Great Golf Gift ?

Are you searching for something different this Christmas ? Something unique ?

Well, how about a golf gift that will dramatically improve your golfer’s game ?

One that is rated as the best putting aid on the market.

One that will keep your golfer happy for years to come.

Maybe Your Search Is Over.

Give the gift of the putting technique that has stood the test of time at the very highest levels of the game.

And . . . if you subsequently find a golf product with better, independent reviews, we’ll reimburse you !

Our guarantee period, will not commence until 01 Jan  ’17.  And it’s . . 100% Irish.

The Gimmee Teaches the Technique Used By Tiger Woods And Jason Day.

It works for them. It will work for your golfer. Guaranteed !

      • Set up with the eyes directly over the ball-target line.
      • Aim the club-face precisely square to the target line.
      • Swing the club on the correct plane and path through impact.
      • Develop the one-piece putting action that is the hallmark of the great putters.
      • Accelerate the club through the ball – on every putt.
      • Keep the head absolutely still throughout the entire stroke.
      • And . . . develop the same technique used by Tiger Woods in his prime, as demonstrated in the video.
      • The Gimmee is the only putting aid that cures what is universally regarded as the most destructive fault in golf – ‘head movement’.

And just how vital is it to eliminate even the slightest head-movement ?

The Gimmee is the only putting aid on the market to provide the vital visual feedback required to overcome the most costly fault in golf.

It teaches everything golfer needs to become consistently good on the greens.

Tour Pros Testing The Gimmee.

At a Champions Tour event, we invited some of the players to test the Gimmee.

These are vastly experienced players who are not easily impressed. The Gimmee impressed them.

Watch former US Senior Open Champion Bruce Fleisher demonstrate how The Gimmee’s principal feature will transform a golfer’s putting technique.

It really is of little consequence how a golfer develops a really good technique.

However, failure to do so virtually guarantees a life-time of frustration on the greens. Which would be a shame. Because it needn’t be like that. Not anymore.

Help your golfer develop and practice the technique that works . . .rather than the faults that don’t ! All without a single, technical instruction.

It’s a gift that will be appreciated for ever.

What The Pros Say :

The Gimmee putting trainer will teach you all of the fundamentals of the putting stroke.

Jim Furyk, Former US Open Champion.

I honestly believe that The Gimmee is the best putting trainer that I have ever come across.

Bruce Fleisher, Former US Open Senior Champion

Any device that identifies and fixes the most costly fault in putting gets my vote. It’s excellent !

Steve Pate, ex-Ryder Cup Player

It’s the best I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot !

Peter Senior, 2012 Australian Open Champion

I don’t normally use gadgets, but a device like this that gives immediate visual feedback is a ‘no-brainer’.

Rod Spittle, Champions Tour winner

Love the product and use it every day with my students.

Blair Smith, PGA , Birkdale G.C., Huntersville, NC

And Some Of Our Customers :

This is the real deal in a putting aid. Nothing I ever tried in the past worked, until I tried the Gimmee. You will not be disappointed.

Jim Forte, USA

It’s astonishing how much The Gimmee improved my putting. It transformed my short game.Thanks !

Kay LaFoy , New York

The Gimmee is, quite simply, the best training aid I have ever used. Brilliant – and so easy to use.

Newton Ancarrow, Richmond, VA.

It is amazing how quickly and easily it transformed my putting – with no real conscious effort. It is working like a dream.

Andrew Neil, Melbourne, Australia

Absolutely fantastic item. I couldn’t believe how quickly it improved my putting. Highly, highly recommended !!

Shona McVey

I bought it for my husband for Father’s Day. He just loves it. Uses it all the time.

Mrs. F. Jickells, U.K.


Now, for just €49.99 you can transform 40% of your golfer’s game !
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